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The Wolf will be then still at your door, and the black Ox will tread on your toe, your Neighbours will make mowes at you, and say, you are as wise as Calf, who went nine miles to suck a Bull, and came home more thirsty then when he went. A dandiprat, a hopp on my thumb, a demilance, Of little medling comes great ease.

You must also be wary how you marry one that hath cast her Rider, lest you fall into a Quagmire wherein another was lost, I mean a Widdow, for so you will be subject to have a Deaths head putt often in your Dish; Touching the Complexion of your Wife, the A broun Lasse is gay and cleanly, But they both will tell you, that touching a red-haird and bearded woman, salute them a hundred paces off. A Shipp under sayl, a man in compleat armour, a Woman with a great belly, are three of the han­somest sights; whereunto the I know best where my shooe pincheth. Who puts variance twixt man and wife, goeth twixt bark and tree.

At the beginning, as Antiquaries tell us, that multiplicity of Toungs encreas'd from one to seventy, but now it may be well sayed, and sayed within compas, that they are multiplied to seventy times seventy, if we take in all Dialects, and Sub-dialects, whereof thought to be of as large expansion as the other three, Observing Travellers have rela­ted, That one cannot crosse a Mountain, Wood or River of any bignes, but the In­habitants on both sides have a differing Dialect, and Idiom of Speech. Better to stand by one shiting, then by one chipping.

Touching in eating, at bed and at board, by sea also and by land when he steers a ship or drives the plough, In his nombers, in the dayes of the week, in his kindred, in the Church and holy things he is Dutch, &c. Soon todd, soon with God, We fish'd all night, and catch'd a Frogg.

You cannot see green cheese, but your teeth must water. Long standing, and poor offering, maketh poor Priests.

I think you have piss'd on a nettle, They are so great one with another, that the one cannot piss but the tother must let a fart.

But by all means, be wary of too costly and lavishing a Wife, for so you may quickly turn a Noble to nine-pence, and come home by broken Crosse, she will in a short time make hunger to dropp out at your nose, she will thwitten a Mill-post to a pudding-prick, the Goose will drink as deep as the Gander, and then, When all is gone and nothing left, what avails the Dag­ger with the dudgeon heft?

This material was created by the Text Creation Partnership in partnership with Pro Quest's Early English Books Online, Gale Cengage's Eighteenth Century Collections Online, and Readex's Evans Early American Imprints. Better come at the end of a Feast, then the begin­ing of a fray.

are long-liv'd) as well as the present Age, may find it upon Record, how much I was your servant for so many Noble Favors of sundry kinds, so that I may say you do herein as in all things else, truly you did preserve him for the time (though with the apparant hazard of your life and liberty) from the fury of the firing Enemy. Better to be an old mans derling, then a young mans werling.

All these things being well considered, and weighed in the balance of an unbiassd Judg­ment, I may promise to my self that this treble Volume will be judgd a work that will conduce much to the of the Nation, and of the English toung for three respects.

First, because she is put into the front of the civillst languages of Christendom, and as it were incorporated with them; Secondly, because it will be an occasion hereby to accreditat her the more, and make her expand, and spread further abroad by mixing with these spacious languages; Thirdly, because it will take off those aspersions whcih useth to be cast upon that wheras the Genius, and wit of a Nation is much discernd in their proverbiall speeches, the English toung is dry and defective in this particular, and those Proverbs she hath are but flat and empty. I may put my winnings in my Eye, and see never the worse.

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The third Volume is of the choicest proverbs in all the sayed Toungs, consisting of divers compleat Tomes, and the English translated into the other three, with divers fami­liar Letters in every one consisting all of proverbiall speeches after a new mode.

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