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I received a lot of compliments from patients and coworkers. It’s funny how the style of my hair changes people's interactions with me. One physician told me that he likes my hair straight and that it makes me look more professional, more serious and older. My hair does not change my passion for what I do, it does not change what I have to say, my actions or how well I do my job. When I responded no, she asked whether I realized that it was Sunday — meaning that I'd be going into work like that.

Apply heat again using a blow dryer for 15-20 minutes in order to dry your hair or “activate” the rollers applied on dry hair.

Need help finding the right one for your hair type and lifestyle?

We’ve done the hard work for you and tried and tested all of the hair curlers out there to bring you the best heated rollers and curlers to get curly and wavy hair.

When I see women getting dolled up for special events, such as weddings, high school dances, etc.

Curly hair is beautiful and if you have it, you have all the reason to be proud of it.

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Sure, they’re associated with fluffy slippers, bathrobes and grannies, but they’re also a sure fire way to get add lift to roots while curling the length of your hair.

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