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Much has been written about the men who like to switch their suits for designer frocks, but little is known about those who worship them. Excited groups of dolled-up divas dance around their handbags, the sequins on their outfits twinkling in the disco lights.Just what is it that makes them hunger for these extra-special ladies? Their skirts are short and their heels are high, but already my attention is wandering to the middle-aged man standing watching at the bar, In his mid- to late forties and nursing a pint, the man taps his toes in time with the music.But firstly I have to tell you that we do not allow sexual activity in the club.Kissing and cuddling like any nightclub is OK, but no further in the club. We aim to ensure that everyone is comfortable to visit Way Out, including those that are not looking for sex and those that might be frightened to be in that kind of environment, including female partners of cross-dressers and YOU.It used to be easy to spot our gay friends – cos they were better dressed.It would be true to say that in early years of the club you guys were often socialy inept, never took off their overcoat and lets face it, some of you were not that attractive.Forum: What does the term ‘a girl with something extra’ mean to you?Martin’s words give me food for thought, I believe him when he says his interest in transvestites isn’t purely sexual, so it’s a shame he feels uncomfortable with the thought of a long term relationship with a T girl.

A casually dressed man in his early thirties, he was keen to set the record straight.

Forum: When did the fascination with T-girls start for you?

It’s the nature of the society we live people have to be given labels.

All these men are attracted to real girls, and see trannies as females with something extra.

In the porn world, that ‘something extra’ is always a euphemism for a rock-hard cock, but that’s a typical, porn world over-simplification.

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