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Henry Rollins, born as Henry Lawrence Garfield, is an American polymath of the entertainment industry.

He has held several profiles including being a musician, actor, television and radio host and comedian.

Since you share your angst with others on stages all across the world while clad only in a pair of skimpy shorts, I figure you’ll have no qualms about this. A number of great punk bands emerged in the early 80s, but Black Flag was not one of them (cool logo, though).

You were the antithesis of the rock star, the anti-Bret Michaels. It probably wasn’t a conscious decision on your part, but nobody plays for long with the showbiz crowd and remains untouched.

You were somebody, Henry, because you were yourself. Despite your eschewal of drugs and alcohol and continuing preference for unadorned T-shirts, Henry, you know you’re one of now.

You wouldn’t be 51 and still dating because it’s hard for you to be “truly close to someone” or whatever neurotic Hollywood excuse you use.

Henry, in hindsight, it now seems clear that the supposed individualism and self-actualization you made a career out of promoting was only another form of the self-absorption that Malcolm Muggeridge called the Great Liberal Death Wish.

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She won't look me in the eye anymore since I asked if I could kiss her.

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