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After declarations of how much they “loved” what I do, they said, “No thanks” and “It’s not you, it’s me.” I get rejected scores of times a year.

It’s usually ends with the “freeze out” of no further contact: the stony silence of the dumper.

In the world of online human dating, profile pics are so absurdly manipulated that my sons tell me that the women they meet are often surprised that they resemble their photo’s.

Architects manipulate our websites in similar ways.

You can write a play or novel, or build a 21st century yurt for yourself, but that thrill is unto itself: others have not validated your effort with their approval.

Performing your play, publishing your novel, having a gallery put on an exhibit, all bring your art into the world.

Potential clients have seen what I do, and did not want it.

My fees are competitive, but they’re not cut-throat cheap, so that may cause some rejection.

Of course every rejected manuscript, each failed acting audition, all roadblocks to artistic opportunity, hurt.

I guess for me it’s “Love my buildings, love me.” while those who dump me say, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Both are subjective reactions.

We’re all humans, so the potential for objectivity is pretty slim.

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