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The foursome first met in a recording studio in west London on April 27 2004, “and the next day we started recording the [first] album”, smiles Bühler.It was, they all concede, an odd way to begin a musical partnership.“He sings all the very, very high stuff.” His own vocal role, he explains, is to “fill all the gaps.David is very easy to define: he sings the completely high tenor stuff, high c’s in every single song.” Marín, a professional singer of the classical repertoire since childhood, “has got the darkest voice – he’s the baritone – and when he takes that weight up into what is for him a high register, it sounds very impressive.I don’t know why – but he was obsessed with this album!And this was also what has f----- up America for us.The live Musical Affair also features ABBA’s The Winner Takes It All, albeit in Spanish. As they would like to do to this quartet of tuxedo’d hunks, the fans are lapping it up. He assembled Il Divo from a worldwide talent search after seeing Andrea Bocelli and realising a boy-band approach to light opera might be a winner. Il Divo are assembled in a suite on the 22nd floor of a Manhattan hotel – or at least, three-quarters of them are.

” So, I suggest, there’s the irony: the Dr Frankenstein who assembled Il Divo from different southern European-looking body and vocal parts is the same one whose televisual creations are chipping away at their longevity. “But I can’t completely point the finger at him, because at the same time as he’s created this two-and-a-half second attention span as far as music goes, he’s simultaneously keeping everyone’s mind on music.Because we were out of the market for three years, doing an album that I knew wouldn’t be as successful as our other albums.” ’Twas ever thus with manufactured or talent show-born acts: if they don’t write their own material, they have to tour and record constantly to maintain profile and revenue.(A Musical Affair is Il Divo’s eighth album release in nine years.) And it’s an evermore crowded field.Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

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